Preparing Clothes for Dry Cleaning

Do you want the best results from your dry cleaner? Take a few minutes to prepare your clothes before bringing to the dry cleaner. A little preparation before sending your laundry to the dry cleaner helps make sure you get satisfactory results.  Here are a few tips for preparing your clothes for the dry cleaner.


Read the Care Tags

Make sure you send the right clothes to the cleaner. Their tags will tell you whether or not an item can be dry cleaned. If the label says “machine wash or dry clean” or “dry clean only,” you’re good to go. Notice whether items have any additional special instructions for handling, and separate them from the rest so the dry cleaner can easily identify clothing that requires special care.

Empty the Pockets

We all accumulate things in our pockets: pens, gum, makeup, and even small toys.  Things like lipstick, gum, and ink pens can damage clothes if you leave them in the pockets. Cleaners do check clothes before cleaning, but it’s easy to miss something. Be kind to your dry cleaner and empty the pockets.

Mark Stains

Make sure that stains can be easily identified.  Put a bit of masking tape around or on the stain so the cleaners can find it easily. You can also mark it with a safety pin and a piece of paper.  Be sure to let the cleaners know what caused the stain so they can choose the appropriate method for that type of stain.

Get the item to the dry cleaners as soon as possible after the stain occurred.

Check for Worn or Weak Areas

Let your dry cleaner know about any loose buttons, broken zippers, or other wear and tear so they can take special care of those areas.

Preparing your clothes properly for the dry cleaner will  help you look your best in clean clothes!

About Sarni Cleaners

Sarni Cleaners offers laundry and dry cleaning services in Boston from three stores in downtown Boston. Laundry pickup and delivery in Boston as well as same day dry cleaning service are available.



Caring for Cashmere Clothing

Cashmere is a fine fiber made from the hair of cashmere goats. It is soft and light, provides excellent insulation, and lacks the itch of sheep’s wool.  These fibers are finely textured and are easily damaged so cashmere clothing requires additional care to keep it looking its best.

cashmere sweaters

Consider buying a cashmere-wool blend. A garment made from cashmere blended with high-quality wool (such as merino) keeps its shape for longer but still feels as soft. Cashmere blended with a synthetic fabric is more prone to pilling.  Whether you choose pure cashmere or a blend, cleaning and storage are the most important factors in keeping your cashmere looking good.

While this type of clothing typically requires dry cleaning, you can wash cashmere by hand. If you choose to hand-wash, use cold water with a small amount of mild detergent, preferably one labeled for use with cashmere or fine woolens.  Do not rub the fabric. Squeeze gently.  Rinse in cold water without twisting or wringing. Lay it flat to dry.  Always consult the care instructions for your garment.

Remove lint and pilling after each wearing and between cleanings.  Use a good lint brush to remove both lint and pet hair gently. Use a fabric comb designed specifically for fine woolens to remove those stubborn little pills that form when fibers rub against each other.  Pull the fabric taut and scrape gently for best results. Battery-powered fabric shavers are not recommended for cashmere.

When you put your cashmere garments away for the summer, make sure they are clean and dry first.  Include cedar balls to keep the moths away.  Store sweaters and other fluffy garments folded rather than hanging them in a closet.

When in doubt, always call Sarni Cleaners. We are here to help you look your best!

About Sarni Cleaners

Sarni Cleaners offers laundry and dry cleaning services in Greater Boston. Laundry pickup and delivery as well as same day dry cleaning service are available.

Get Comfortable with Comforter Cleaning

As the temperatures fall and winter arrives in Boston, nothing beats crawling under a cozy comforter at the end of the day.  Whether you call it a duvet or a comforter, clean and cozy is the way to go for winter. Comforters don’t get washed as often as sheets and pillowcases, or even blankets and bedspreads, so allergens and dust can build up. When was the last time you washed yours?

Washing comforters on a regular basis keeps your bedding clean and healthy. So, how often should you wash your comforter? Every six months for most comforters and annually for down or wool comforters is usually recommended.

Machine Washable Comforter

Most cotton or polyester-filled comforters and some down comforters are machine washable. Start by checking the manufacturer’s care directions on the tag to determine whether your comforter is indeed machine washable. If the comforter is in good condition and not too big or too fragile to be done at home, machine-wash and dry it. Use cold water with a general purpose detergent free of fragrances and dyes. Use the low heat setting on your dryer and put in a couple of clean tennis balls to help fluff it up.

If your machine washable comforter is too big or too bulky for your home washing machine, you can wash it at a local laundromat where the large commercial machines accommodate the unwieldy bedding better than smaller at-home washers.

Dry Cleaning Your Comforter

Comforters made with delicate fabrics, like wool, should be handled by professional cleaners to prevent shrinkage and damage, especially if the manufacturer’s care label specifies professional care. The cost to dry clean your comforter varies depending on size.

You can reduce the hassle of handling bulky bedding and comforters with free pickup and delivery from Sarni Cleaners.

Going Green: Tips for Eco-Friendly Laundry

Laundry is one of those chores that can be resource intensive and a significant polluter, but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, you can go green and get your laundry clean. There are a few simple things you can do to make wash day more eco-friendly.

Do Full Loads

A full load uses less energy and water than two half loads. Save water, energy, and time.

Use Eco-Friendly Detergent

Choose a laundry detergent without added dyes, fragrances, and petroleum-based chemical compounds.  Our eco-friendly wash, dry, fold service uses custom detergent, formulated to be eco-friendly and boost cleaning power.

Use Less Detergent

Pay attention to the amount of detergent you use, too. Read and follow the directions on the detergent box. Too much detergent not only dumps more soap into the water, but also reduces the washer’s efficiency.

Use Non-Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine has many damaging effects on the environment, and you don’t really need it to get your laundry white.  Try lemon juice or a “free and clear” bleach.  All our products are chlorine-free.

Use the Right Dryer Settings

Match the drying time to the load.  For example, nylon dries faster than denim. Use lower heat to save energy. We dry all clothes in low/medium heat.

Upgrade Your Washing Machine

Commercial washers are already more efficient than home washers. The newest generation of high-efficiency washers is designed to use even less energy and less water. This new technology is available in home washers now too.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Try a concentrated eco-friendly detergent to get the same amount of wash from a smaller package.  Recycle plastic detergent bottles. Reuse laundry bags, hangers, containers, and anything else you can think of – be creative. We use reusable laundry bags for our laundry pickup and delivery service.

Spend Time With Your Family, Not Your Laundry

Take your laundry to one of our stores in Boston: North End, South End and Financial District. Better still, use our free pickup and delivery service by emailing  We service Boston, Everett, East Cambridge and East Brookline as well.

Boston Laundry Pickup & Delivery Since 1929

Sarni Cleaners is a pioneer in laundry pickup and delivery service in Boston, and we have the pictures to prove it!

In 1929, James Sarni, Sr., grandfather of current CEO, Ken Sarni, began a laundry service for Boston’s affluent society. With his horse and buggy, he brought clothes and linens home to his wife Mary who would cleaned them in their basement. Afterwards, they started to provide dry cleaning and tailoring services as well in a shop in Boston.

As a testament to Sarni Cleaners long time quality service to the residents of Boston, even the City of Boston archives contains a picture of a Sarni Cleaners truck on Devonshire Street in 1948!

Since 2010, Sarni Cleaners has developed a new website that allows customers to send laundry pickup and delivery order online or email their orders to Customers do not need to be at home to meet the driver. They only need to put their clothing in an eco-friendly reusable laundry bag provided by Sarni Cleaners and leave it in an area accessible by our drivers. Their clothing will normally be cleaned and delivered back to them in the reusable laundry bag on the next delivery day.

A fleet of 5 state-of-the-art vehicles provides the laundry pickup and delivery service to areas including Downtown Boston, North End, South End, Back Bay, Allston/Brighton, NU/Mission Hill, Charlestown, South Boston, East Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Everett, Chelsea, Medford, Melrose and Lynnfield. Drivers are normally on delivery routes Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am – 3pm.

All our pickup and delivery customers are our VIP Rewards Club members. That means we will remember your shirt laundry preferences, and you will get a $5 off coupon for every $100 of dry cleaning!

Life is busy and hectic in Boston. Leave the chore of doing laundry to Sarni Cleaners and save your precious time to spend with family and friends! Visit our website at today to order a pickup!