Get Comfortable with Comforter Cleaning

As the temperatures fall and winter arrives in Boston, nothing beats crawling under a cozy comforter at the end of the day.  Whether you call it a duvet or a comforter, clean and cozy is the way to go for winter. Comforters don’t get washed as often as sheets and pillowcases, or even blankets and bedspreads, so allergens and dust can build up. When was the last time you washed yours?

Washing comforters on a regular basis keeps your bedding clean and healthy. So, how often should you wash your comforter? Every six months for most comforters and annually for down or wool comforters is usually recommended.

Machine Washable Comforter

Most cotton or polyester-filled comforters and some down comforters are machine washable. Start by checking the manufacturer’s care directions on the tag to determine whether your comforter is indeed machine washable. If the comforter is in good condition and not too big or too fragile to be done at home, machine-wash and dry it. Use cold water with a general purpose detergent free of fragrances and dyes. Use the low heat setting on your dryer and put in a couple of clean tennis balls to help fluff it up.

If your machine washable comforter is too big or too bulky for your home washing machine, you can wash it at a local laundromat where the large commercial machines accommodate the unwieldy bedding better than smaller at-home washers.

Dry Cleaning Your Comforter

Comforters made with delicate fabrics, like wool, should be handled by professional cleaners to prevent shrinkage and damage, especially if the manufacturer’s care label specifies professional care. The cost to dry clean your comforter varies depending on size.

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