Caring for Cashmere Clothing

Cashmere is a fine fiber made from the hair of cashmere goats. It is soft and light, provides excellent insulation, and lacks the itch of sheep’s wool.  These fibers are finely textured and are easily damaged so cashmere clothing requires additional care to keep it looking its best.

cashmere sweaters

Consider buying a cashmere-wool blend. A garment made from cashmere blended with high-quality wool (such as merino) keeps its shape for longer but still feels as soft. Cashmere blended with a synthetic fabric is more prone to pilling.  Whether you choose pure cashmere or a blend, cleaning and storage are the most important factors in keeping your cashmere looking good.

While this type of clothing typically requires dry cleaning, you can wash cashmere by hand. If you choose to hand-wash, use cold water with a small amount of mild detergent, preferably one labeled for use with cashmere or fine woolens.  Do not rub the fabric. Squeeze gently.  Rinse in cold water without twisting or wringing. Lay it flat to dry.  Always consult the care instructions for your garment.

Remove lint and pilling after each wearing and between cleanings.  Use a good lint brush to remove both lint and pet hair gently. Use a fabric comb designed specifically for fine woolens to remove those stubborn little pills that form when fibers rub against each other.  Pull the fabric taut and scrape gently for best results. Battery-powered fabric shavers are not recommended for cashmere.

When you put your cashmere garments away for the summer, make sure they are clean and dry first.  Include cedar balls to keep the moths away.  Store sweaters and other fluffy garments folded rather than hanging them in a closet.

When in doubt, always call Sarni Cleaners. We are here to help you look your best!

About Sarni Cleaners

Sarni Cleaners offers laundry and dry cleaning services in Greater Boston. Laundry pickup and delivery as well as same day dry cleaning service are available.


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